Your partner in vehicle ownership.

We know that car ownership can be a lifeline. For more than a decade, GLS has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers secure affordable automobile loans, measurably improving their quality of life. Reliable transportation helps us get to work. Take the kids to school. See those we love. Take errands from “to do” to done. And make life more enjoyable! We’re here to help you move life forward.

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Making a payment is easy.

Pay Online

Payments made after 7pm EST post the next business day; may not show on account for 1-2 business days.
To make a Payment or set up Recurring Payments, sign into your online account at Haven’t signed up online? Click and select Enroll Now. It’s quick and easy! Or click Guest Payment at the bottom of the screen and have your account number ready.

To Make a Payment

  1. Sign in and select One Time Payment or Recurring Payment.
  2. Select payment method and enter the amount. Please note credit cards are not accepted at this time.
  3. Enter the information and Submit Payment. You’re done!

**For assistance to split up payments into weekly or bi-weekly installments, please call Customer Service at (866)464-0269.

If at any time you receive an error message, do not attempt to make another payment. Please call Customer Service at (866)464-0269.

Pay by Phone – Automated Phone System

Make payments through our automated phone system by calling (866) 464-0269. You just need the 10-digit GLS account number and billing zip code associated with the account.

Pay by Mail

Global Lending Services, P.O. Box 935538, Atlanta, GA 31193-5538

Include the 10-digit GLS account number on the check. Allow 7-10 business days to ensure payment is received on or before the due date.

Pay by MoneyGram®

You can pay conveniently through MoneyGram®. Fees may apply.

  • Pay to: GLS PAY
  • Receiver Code: 11998
  • Provide the 10-digit GLS account number.

Pay by Western Union®

You can pay with the convenience of Western Union®. Fees may apply.

  • Pay to: Global Lending Services
  • Code City: GLS
  • State: S.C.
  • Provide the 10-digit GLS account number.

Money matters:

Tips for managing your finances.

Understanding what a FICO score is, what other factors impact your overall credit rating, and how to manage your money are essential for moving forward in life. Click below to take advantage of free videos, tools and other resources we providing to help you become financially savvy.

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